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Machine Shop Singapore | Precision Machining


CNC Wire EDM Services


With our range of Mitsubishi and Sodick Wire EDM machines, we provide precision wirecut services for parts up to a tolerance of +/-0.002 mm in materials such as hardened steel, carbides, tungsten copper, and more.


With the use of advanced CAM software we are able to produce parts with requirements for 4-axis simultaneous wirecut.

​We also provide super-drilling services with our Castek Super-drill machine for small hole drilling in hardened steels and carbides.

CNC Milling Singapore | CNC Machining Parts


Using the latest CNC Milling technology coupled with advanced CAD/CAM software, our fleet of CNC Milling Centers deliver precision machined components with quality, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness in mind.

In Singapore, we serve custom parts cnc machining and batch cnc machining jobs for precision components of up to a tolerance of +/-0.005mm using our latest machines working with materials such as tool steels, aluminium, stainless steels, tungsten copper, inconel, and more!

Our CNC Milling department is capable of processing parts with complex 3D geometry with tight tolerances and high surface finish requirements.

CNC Turning | CNC Machining Service Singapore


Our fleet of CNC Turning and Turnmilling machines serve provide the highest capabilities in quality, precision, and cost-competitiveness. Our automated setup equipped with robotic tending capabilities enable us to manufacture competitively while still maintaining stringent requirements for our wide array of customers.


We are able to efficiently produce work which requires up to 4-axis simultaneous turnmilling with our Y-axis capable lathes serving up to a maximum diameter of 300mm.


Our range of machines include models optimized for cutting lighter materials such as aluminium and plastics as well as models more suited to harder to machine materials such as hardened steels, inconel, and carbides.


Precision Machine | Grinding Services


Our in-house team of precision grinding specialists offer the best in market results for all your engineering grinding needs.


​As precision toolmakers, we possess the capabilities to ensure tolerances of up to 0.003 mm and are experienced in working with a wide range of materials including carbides, tool steels, etc.


​Our range of grinding capabilities include:​

  • Surface grinding

  • Cylindrical grinding

  • Jig grinding


Machining Services Singapore | Advanced Polishing


Using our in-house developed methodology, NVT promises superior polishing finishing for components with high surface finish requirements.

Our processes enable us to polish / super polish materials such as hardened steels (up to HRC65), carbides (up to HRA 92), and many more up to a surface finish of Ra 0.03 microns. 

This not only produces a mirror finish but enhances the quality and lifespan of service components by up to 10x depending on its final application.


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